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Natural Cinders – A proven, environmentally friendly STOPLEAK solution.

Natural Cinders is a new, proven STOPLEAK solution that quickly seals gates & stop logs and is environmentally friendly.
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To ensure optimum, repeatable performance, we have created a patented mixture that out performs other alternatives.


“I’ve been working with different types of materials to seal gates & logs for many years. This new material, it works just as good if not better than the old coal cinders.”

Lead Hand Dam Operations

Ontario Canada

Standard Blend: 2″ Minus | 3/4″ minus – available in most regions

Please contact us for availability.

Delivered quickly to your location anywhere in North America
We have Natural Cinders strategically placed throughout North America to ensure prompt and low cost delivery.

Packaged to suit your needs
We supply Natural Cinders in various methods:

  • Full Truck Loads
  • LTL Shipments
  • Super Sacks – 1 Ton / 1.5 Cubic Yards
  • 20 kg bags – (50 units/ skid)

Benefits of packaged Natural Cinders – 20kg Bags & Super Sacks

  • Safe handling
  • Flexible Storage Options- side by side, stackable, tight or small areas
  • No Material Loss due to spills
  • Easily stored inside ready for use

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