About Us

Founded in 1985, J.M. Power Aggregates Limited has supplied effective and environmentally friendly stopleak products to hydropower plant owners for the purpose of sealing leakage on gates, allowing for safe working conditions downstream.

Operating mostly within the Northeastern and Midwestern areas of North America in the early years, J.M. Power Aggregates has supplied over 150 hydropower plant owners and continues to support small, large, private and government owned utilities with Natural Cinders.

In 2011, Natural Cinders, a premier stopleak product, were commercialized and introduced as an alternative to other gate sealing agents.

Due to substantial growth in 2013, a wholly owned subsidiary of J.M. Power Aggregates Limited was opened in NY state, J.M. Power Aggregates Inc. Both offices support the sale and distribution of Natural Cinders throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Whether you are taking a unit offline, looking to maximize the generation of your hydropower plant, or need a dependable and effective solution, please contact J.M. Power Aggregates to discuss how Natural Cinders can benefit you and your project.