Natural Cinders:
A proven, environmentally friendly STOPLEAK solution

Since 1985, we have been supplying lightweight aggregates to hydroelectric dams throughout North America to seal sluice gates, head gates and stop logs.

We supply large and small utility companies throughout North America with a new, proven STOPLEAK solution that quickly seals gates & stop logs and is environmentally friendly. View Natural Cinders Brochure.

Replacement for Coal Cinders, Bottom Ash and Clinkers
The need to source an effective alternative to coal cinders, bottom ash and clinkers began in the early 90’s when environmental impact reviews occurred at hydro operations across North America.

Some hydro producers continued their use of coal cinders, bottom ash and clinkers while others tried different materials such as corn, wood chips, horse manure and concrete materials with limited success.

Natural Cinders - A proven, environmentally friendly STOPLEAK solution
We have invested a great deal of time and efforts into the development of a unique blend of naturally occurring material called Natural Cinders.

This new, proven STOPLEAK product surpasses the sealing abilities of other alternatives and is environmentally friendly.

Quote from current Customer
Operations Foreman, Ottawa River, Ontario Canada
“After years of using coal cinders to seal our sluices either for work on the downstream side or to minimize seepage, we had to stop using them. We kept looking for a better solution, J.M. Power Aggregates introduced us to Natural Cinders which is a lot more environmentally friendly and after using it, I can say it is more efficient for sealing.”

Visit Product Applications to see how our satisfied clients are utilizing this unique product.

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